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Old 27-05-2014, 07:28
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Default Girlfriend into denmark

Mr Klendinika think it best I write to you in the place for english.

my girlfriend is now in denmark and we go to many places and see a lot
before she was only in Julland so we many places to see

The visa was no problem and they made stamp in passport so now she can be here many days

maybe you know some people elana can meet so she can hear about denmark from other people from belarus?

it is very slow into this board where are you all on holiday?
elena have seen many ishocye matches in Minsk
can i make photos in here as they can other board?

Thank you all
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Old 27-05-2014, 22:47
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Actually there is very few ladies there is married to Danes, at least in recent years. If I remember correctly, last year there were 0 and the year before that it was only 4.
But I hope its ok, too lead you to rusba.dk I know the wife there is originally from belarus, even she has been here for 20 years. But she migth have some contacts.
Secondly, search at Vkontakte, and at the girls forum.. at least some other russian speaking.

Hope you could use info.
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Old 30-05-2014, 19:25
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Vkontakte er nok det sted han skal søge, alternativ kan han jo smide en efterlysning ud på Facebook da det måske giver bedre pote i hans søgning efter andre mennesker fra Bellarus bosidende i Danmark.
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