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Default Korruption samligning

MOSCOW, April 23. /TASS/. The same level of corruption has been reported in Russian and US business, according to a survey by international financial services company Ernst & Young (EY).
EY interviewed 2,825 business executives in 62 countries from October 2015 to January 2016.
Thirty-four percent of respondents in Russia, the United States and Poland agree that bribery and corruption are widespread in their country. Among the countries with the highest reported level of corruption are Brazil (90%), Ukraine (88%) and Thailand (86%). Only residents of Finland said there is no corruption in their country (0%), followed by Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Denmark (four percent each).
"Russia has continued to develop and extend the scope of its anticorruption legislation with an increased number of government officials now required to disclose their personal income and potential conflicts of interest," EY said in its 14th Global Fraud Survey "Corporate Misconduct - Individual Consequences."
"Russia has also maintained a focus on fighting corruption both at a regional level, with several governors and officials under criminal investigation, and also at a multinational level, repatriating several well-known businessmen whose fortunes are alleged to have been accumulated through fraudulent schemes," the survey added.


Som man kan se er det nok ikke så slemt i Rusland, når det er på samme niveau som i USA. Læg mærke til kilden Ernest og Young.
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