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Klendinika 15-05-2014 16:15

tjose WHO speak English, write here

Nellike 05-08-2014 21:06


Originally Posted by Klendinika (Post 15300)
tjose WHO speak English, write here

I'd really love to, not to forget English completely, but is there anybody to write with? :)
Hiya people, let's write English a little bit!! ))

kettlebell 19-08-2014 20:58

English In Russia
I prefer English though born Danish, but raised in London by my British mother.
My Danish stinks (what you probably already have seen).

I would like to know why the use of English is not wider spread in the former SNG countries?
Why do the TV-channels doped all foreign films and documentary broadcastings?
Is it a way to keep it all simple and to limit peoples freedom?
Don't tell me the people of Russia & Ukraine want it this way.
I think they linger for more knowledge and more language.

Let me have a few words from you about all this.
Forget the words about "cultural background" I'm not buying it.
Tell me however more about how the state itself use this small trick to keep control over the media.

Astra16V 21-08-2014 21:23

Hej Kettlebell.

You should keep in mind Russia is 17.1 million square kilometers, which makes it the largest country in the world. The country is covered by forests and open land and people who live out in the country side far away from a big city, so it will undoubtedly be very hard to learn English or another foreign language.

You write that you do not buy anything about it has to do Whit ther culture but remember now that since it was the Soviets time so there was not much need to be use other than Russian, it is only since the Soviet Union fell apart there was a needs for the population to speak another language other than just Russian.

Hope ther are others who wants to ad some thing in this post.


Klendinika 22-08-2014 15:32


The polulation size is very important, the 145 million inside russian and maybe 55 russian speaking outside russia, is more than enougth for a market of everything.
There is many arabs and africans who learn russian in high school, so they can study in Russia. Its by fare the cheapest solution. My niece pay around 5-6000 Danish kroner for 1 year of study. A cheap My college charge 73000 kr for 1 year.

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